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Support Outreach

Meeting the Community... 'Where they are!'

We collaborate with Madison County institutions to offer comprehensive support. Within the Corrections system, our Peer Recovery Coaches aid incarcerated individuals through tailored sessions. In the Courts, we conduct specialized group sessions and evaluations for those required to undergo specific training or assessments. Our COST program is comprised of Harm Reduction Street Outreach (HRSO) Teams assisting with emergency crisis calls, ensuring timely and effective assistance for those facing mental health and overdose challenges, thereby reducing strains on jails and hospitals.


In collaboration with the Madison County Sheriff's Office, TPMC presents the COST program, a groundbreaking initiative supported by FSSA. Merging community policing with mental health expertise, COST aims to reshape crisis interventions in Madison County.

Our objectives:

  • Rapidly connect those with mental health and substance abuse disorders to specialized treatment, alleviating pressures on jails and healthcare systems.

  • Respond with our Quick Response Team (QRT) — equipped with Certified Substance Abuse and Mental Health Professionals — to overdose situations, de-escalation needs, and specific 911 calls, ensuring timely, specialized assistance.

  • Address high-frequency 911 callers by offering tailored resources, ensuring they receive the right assistance at their critical moments.


By assisting Madison County First Responders during overdose and mental health calls, our mission is clear: meet community members in their crisis moments, offering help when it's most needed, and guiding them toward recovery paths.

Transformative Support: TPMC's Pathway to Recovery and Court System Collaboration

Turning Point Management Center (TPMC) offers specialized services for individuals dealing with anger management, thinking errors, and substance abuse issues. Our group sessions cater to clients mandated to attend Anger Management or Thinking Errors classes. Additionally, we conduct Substance Abuse evaluations, providing tailored recommendations. TPMC's "Prime for Life" classes focus on fostering positive life changes.

Our center plays a pivotal role in assisting clients entangled in the legal system, guiding them towards complete recovery and modification of legal sanctions. With a team of Peer Tutors and strong connections with the Court Systems, TPMC is committed to supporting individuals struggling with mental health and addiction challenges. Our objective is to help them break free from the vicious cycle of addiction and legal entanglements, ensuring they don't repeatedly fall back into the system.

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