Our Mission

Meet the Founders


Turning Point Madison County is a 24/7 call helpline that assists people in life
altering situations, with primary focus on addictions and mental illnesses. Turning Point also connects people to community  support such as wraparound services for food, shelter, family counseling, etc. 

Our goal is to help those that are without shelter to provide resources and services, as well as create a lifestyle meant to maintain health and dignity of those we serve.

Turning Point Madison County laid the groundwork with the Madison County Sherriff’s department to create programs for outreach and to work with the jail
population along with the court system for those locked into their addiction who want a plan out.


Turning Point Madison County’s mission is to get the proper information into the hands of the people needing help, provide guidance, emergency assistance, and needed on-going support. This is all imperative in order to make positive changes in the physical and mental health outcomes of Madison County.